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At present, watches as a kind of electronic products have fast development and enjoy a good reputation in people’s life. In the current times, there is fierce competition in the watch market, in order to defeat competitors, many companies adopt effective measures to attract customers. Due to the various choices, how to make customers purchase their products becomes a hot topic. Promotion is a strategic method to push sales. Advertisements, public relations, and the internet are good promotional ways. For example, some advertisements with vivid information about a kind of watch are easy to be attractive to customers for it can show the value, feature, and function of the watch. Many people have no idea about how to choose a watch when he sees the advertisement, it is likely that it provides him a chance. Therefore, it is good to make full use of advertisements to grasp customers and win in the fierce competition. In the end, innovation is also a nice way to tempt customers. As the watch changes quickly and the market changes all the time, in view of this, it is critical for companies to design and develop new styles to satisfy customers’ latest needs.

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